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Friday, December 19, 2008

Journal Entry 1

August 5, 1941:

Hello, my name is Michael Dakoya. I am also known as Bobby Poynte or Mathew Dawne. I decided to start this after I began to experience drastic changes in my surroundings. I would begin to instantaneously travel from what seemed like one area to the next. As I began to have this happen more & more often I believed I had gone into some sort of hallucination. However I now realize that when I travel, I am escaping the conventional meaning of the very word. I, uncontrollably, travel outside of the realm of time. I enter a place of nonexistence, but then I am transported to the same place I just left, only 67 years into the future. I have experienced things that no other human of my time has yet to discover, but I don't know why. I have to find answers somewhere. So I've decided to start this journal, to record my experiences in the other time. I hope I can find out what ails me, & how to fix it.